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Harold Bluetooth, the ancient king of Denmark, would be proud of the communications technology that bears the name Bluetooth. Long ago, old Bluetooth united the dissonant Danish tribes (possibly with the promise of easier peer-to-peer file sharing, and Bluetooth headsets I can’t be sure).

Today, Blue tooth is a massive communications juggernaut, and though the technology has potentially millions of applications, it seem that Blue tooth is primarily used for connecting your phone to your ear so you can talk loudly in restaurants.

bluetooth earpieceThe obvious advantages of this aside, the Bluetooth earpiece is a spectacular piece of gadgetry, that makes driving safer, conversations both easier and more private and stops you having to fumble in your pocket when your Mum rings as your riding on the bus (Just me? Oh). Yes, the Bluetooth earpiece has truly revolutionised the way we annoy people in restaurants. Oh, and completely changed the possibilities of mobile communications forever, or something.

As Harold himself might have said; “I go everywhere with myBluetooth earpiece. I never leave my castle without it” andhe’d be right not to, for the usefulness of the faithful little Bluetooth headset is tremendous. Perfect for travelling, working or even looking busy sosalespeople don’t stop you.

An innocuous little device, the Bluetooth headset fits easily in your pocket or pretty much anywhere. Taking advantage of a Bluetooth earpiece is as simple as buying a Bluetooth headset and connecting it to your phone. Bluetooth is a safe, secure and simple way of keeping in touch.

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